Modo Mio is part Italian restaurant and part Italian food shop. We are owned and operated by the family who came across from Italy to Milwaukee to start a new life. After Sean met his wife in Italy who is an executive chef in a fine dining restaurant, Sean from Milwaukee married his girl and decided to go back on his hometown to start a new life with his beautiful wife. They’ve started a small cafeteria in their place. Little did they know that the cafeteria will be a huge hit in town just right after it was introduced to the locals. After a year, the cafeteria leveled up and now known as Modo Mio Italian Restaurant that is serving for over 5 years.

About Us | A Guide To Italian Food - Modo Mio Italian restaurant and part Italian food shop

Modo Mio is an Italian word means “My Way” which is suited best to the owner where they’ve put a lot of effort to establish the restaurant and do their own way to make the customers satisfied with their service and food. The mission is to always provide fresh, quality and authentic Italian food and goods. Our servers are well-trained and the executive chef herself is Sean’s wife who is always hands-on in the restaurant. She is always willing to speak with the customers. Sean also does the same.

Modo Mio has been recognized and seen in numerous articles, food magazines, and TVs. It also continuously receiving awards from various local and business award-giving bodies. If you are visiting Milwaukee, our Modo Mio is the3 top suggestion by most locals. Modo Mio is an Italian Restaurant serving authentic Italian Dishes from pizza to pasta, and wines and other Italian foods that will suit everyone’s palate. Come and hop in as you visit the city of Milwaukee for one great and fine dine in. Thank you for reading our short story and information.