Keeping your garage door springs in a good working position is the most important point to ensure that your unit functions smoothly and safely. Although all the components of the garage door including cables, panels, and tracks need periodic attention garage door springs are the important parts that need to be fixed and replaced to save you hassles in a long run. In this article, you will learn how garage door torsion spring replacement and repair can help you to keep your garage door functioning like new.

Routine maintenance extends the life of the garage door:

You can perform some simple tasks to give your garage door a functional and longer life. You should clean and lubricate the tracks, pulleys, rollers, and other hardware to keep the garage door working properly. You may use any silicone spray or lightweight oil for this. You need to replace the broken weather stripping and tighten the loose screws and nuts.

Your garage door system will last longer if you spend some time giving it a careful inspection. It should include looking for frayed or shredding cables and dented or rust garage door parts. You also need to test the garage door locks occasionally to make sure that they are secure. These tips will keep your garage door working smoothly and prolong its overall life span. Definitely, if you are uncertain about how to do these things, you should consult professionals to take care of your garage door.  But what you cannot handle by yourself is anything relating to the garage door springs. They can be dangerous and difficult to handle so need the attention of professionals. Under normal cases, periodic garage door maintenance is enough.

Routine inspection of garage door springs:


Thousand of people are injured or killed by garage doors every year as a result of broken garage door torsion springs. In addition to routine maintenance works, ask your local garage door expert to provide a safety inspection of springs at least once a year. Professional garage door technicians will be able to determine if springs need to be fixed or replaced. They will also upgrade your garage door with the most latest and advanced security features.

Importance of garage door spring repair and replacement:

On average, a garage door is operated 10,000 times each year. If you neglect the routine service, the rollers can become stuck, necessitating need replacement. The garage door opener may become malfunction, leaving the garage door halfway open or close. The garage door tracks may become dented or misaligned, making the garage door hard to open or close. Worst of all, the torsion springs could break causing the garage door to abruptly drop. In some cases, the pieces of broken coiled spring can fly around the garage causing serious injuries and damage to property. Preventative maintenance measurements will save you from the hassles of dealing with unexpected situations and keep your family safe.

Protect your family and belongings by implementing routine garage door maintenance tasks. Consult your local garage door experts for assistance with all your garage door needs, especially the garage door torsion spring concerns.