DIY Garage Door Repair Project

The garage door is used to simply perform two functions; to open and close. But one day it might stop functioning. The malfunctioning you may often encounter with your garage door is simple in nature. Luckily, most garage door problems can be fixed easily with the help of the best garage door company in Austell, Georgia experts. You can handle simple garage door problems on your own.

Do-It-Yourself tips and techniques for garage doors:

  • Quick solutions:

If your garage door is not opening and closing properly, it needs some maintenance and care. Inspect the garage door tracks, rollers, and other parts to find out the loose parts and signs of damages. If your garage door looks dusty, clean it through and apply some lubricant to moving parts of the garage door. It should get your garage door back into its working position. If it does not fix the issue, call a professional garage door company.

  • Address the sounds:

Old or dry running garage door creates loud squeaking sounds, alerting your surrounding that you have arrived home. The unwanted sounds of a garage door can be easily fixed by simply cleaning and lubricating the garage door. Lubricate the tracks, rollers, and other moving components every six months to make sure they are running smoothly.

  • Stuck garage door operations:

Do you feel like your garage door has become a solid rock and would not move further? Cold weather and extreme moisture can cause this. A wooden garage door will swell during the winter season and freeze the tracks. Obstructed and dirty tacks are another cause of the jammed garage door. Clean the garage door to remove all types of obstructions.

  • Check the safety accessories:

Check the safety features of your garage door every once in a while to make sure that your garage door is functioning correctly. Modern models of garage doors are installed with rolling code technology for your safety so that no one can get trapped under the closing garage door. Check the user’s manual for the adjustment of garage door sensors.

  • Check the garage door opener:

You may be using an electric garage door opener with voice recognition, or vision reorganization technologies to operate the garage door. Sometimes, when your garage door refuses to open or close, the problems may lie with the garage door opener. Check the batteries of the opener to make sure it has enough batteries. Reprogram the opener especially after returning from holidays when you have not used it for a long time. If the issues are not solved, then call professional garage door services to check the opener.

Never try to attempt the garage door springs replacement on your own. It is not definitely a DIY-type project. It is highly suggested to call a professional garage door technician to fix or replace the broken garage door springs. After all, your safety is paramount than other concerns.




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Garage Door Installation

Nowadays, garage doors are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials. The garage doors are as varied as garages. There are many types of garage doors like, single or double garage doors, with or without windows garage doors, metal, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass garage doors. Modern garage doors offer insulation features providing retention of heat during the winter season and keeping the garage cool in the summer. If you want to use your garage for other purposes besides parking your vehicle, installing a new garage door with an insulation feature is important.

A garage door will improve the look of your building and give security and protection to your house. Your chosen style can bring a huge difference to the look of your building. Since there are many models and designs of garage doors, you can choose one according to your needs and preferences. When you are in need of installing a new garage door or deciding to replace the existing garage door with a new one, it is important to hire a professional garage door installer to help you. Many people feel that they can handle this job on their own but it is not a good idea.

Garage door installation, when handled improperly can create great safety hazardous conditions. The garage door must be balanced to ensure that it is working properly. It is always installed with safety measures and devices. These sensitivity safety sensors are used to stop and reverse the garage door if something is under it when the garage door tries to close. The automatic garage door should be installed with all safety devices. It is extremely important especially if you have children in your house.

Modern garage doors are operated with the help of remote control, keypad, and fingerprint sensor. Previously, issues have been observed with the remote control running on more than one garage door it was designed to work. It created critical situations for homeowners as criminals could get easy access to their houses. Nowadays, garage doors are installed with rolling code technology, which is beneficial to change the frequency of the remote so that it cannot be hacked by strangers.

It is another reason for having a garage door installed by professional garage door installers because they are up to date with the latest technology and innovation. It is true that garage doors enhance the look of your building and improve the security but it actually does more for you. In fact, the protection provided by the secured garage door to your car and house is more important today than ever.

A professional garage door installation service is one of the best ways of protecting your assets. From installing a garage door to making certain adjustments to make sure that the garage door will work properly is the key to securing your family, vehicle, and house.



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Essential for Garage Door Repairs Work

Most garage door repair tasks are done on an emergency basis because there are situations when homeowners pay attention to their garage door when garage doors show malfunctioning.

I know you don’t want to spend all of your time inspecting the garage door every day, testing the rollers, and watching out for dents and cracks on the surface of the garage door. Definitely, you do rush through your garage in a hurry to go to an office or somewhere else and to go back inside after a long hectic day. However, it is essential that spend enough time to inspect and lubricate the garage door periodically, here are some important points why:

  • Prevention is better than cure:

Don’t wait until the garage door gets stuck suddenly. Normally there are signs that show your garage door on its way to needing good maintenance or repair. If you experience that your garage door is starting to open or close slowly than before, it could be due to the hinges and tracks that are succumbing to general wear and tear. Since garage doors operate on a daily basis and they are vulnerable to depreciation due to outside elements and dust. The rusty or dusty hinges and tracks can surely make the garage door weak and less efficient.

  • Regular garage door inspection can improve the performance:

Regular examination of the system will improve the quality and functionality of your garage door. Material incompatibility and the complex operating system of the garage door are the common reasons for seeking expert assistance. Some people don’t feel it important to inspect the garage door regularly but it can help you evaluate some issues before they become full-blown crises.

Some garage door problems can be easily detected by inspecting the garage door. You can also check the material incompatibility by examining the garage door. Some garage door materials such as, steel with high insulation value and wood can be quite heavy, so you will need strong hinges and high-quality springs to support it. Sometimes, low-quality hinges are not able to take the pressure off the garage door opening and closing. Your local garage door technician will give you suggestions on parts replacement.  Having a garage door expert every once in a while might look like just a waste of time and money but the malfunctioning garage door will be worse than all.

  • Garage door maintenance work does not need a lot of effort:

Garage door maintenance work does not need a lot of effort, time, and money. Conducting garage door examination and maintenance services can be as simple as cleaning the tracks and oiling the moving hardware of the garage door every now and then especially before winter. Take care of the garage door to ensure it will work smoothly. It might not seem important but it will enhance its overall lifespan and reduce the need for repair services as long as possible.

Due to negligence, the garage door may become malfunction at the most inconvenient of times. A broken or malfunctioned garage door can put you and your family at high risk. Hire a professional garage door expert that specializes in the garage door to make sure that it will stay functional, durable, and secure.




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Different Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage door repair can be a challenging and difficult project without a proper understanding of the important components of the garage door especially the “torsion springs”.

These springs are vital and important parts of the garage door operating system as they support the garage doors in the lifting and lowering process by balancing the stress on the garage door opener and motor. Due to the extreme stress on garage door springs, they will break eventually which should be replaced. Keep in mind that it is an extremely dangerous project, so it is wise to hire a professional garage door company such as, Greensboro, North Carolina garage door spring repair service to do this job for you.

On average, the garage door system is used two times a day. It will be more than 700 times a year that a garage door is opened and closed. Due to frequent operations of garage door, the springs may become weak which eventually break, it is extremely important to inspect the visual condition of garage door springs periodically. These springs hold extreme pressure and intense strain at all times which is very unsafe if they break and are not handled properly.

There are two common types of garage door springs. They are known as extension and torsion springs. Both types are effective and functional which need to be properly understood before doing anything with them. Each type of garage door spring works in a unique way which needs other parts of the operating system to make sure that the garage door will function efficiently and safely.

Torsion springs are normally located on a metal rod right above the garage door opening. There are normally two springs that are separated by the centerpiece of the supporting spring to support the lifting process of a garage door. Garage door torsion springs are used to lift or lower the garage door either manually or automatically operated. These springs have a specific life cycle that is 7 to 10 years depending on how they are used and maintained. Remember, if one of them breaks, you should replace both of them at the same time because the other one will go bad after a short period of time.

Extension springs are placed on the right and left sides of each track of the garage door. Garage door extension springs are easier and safer to replace than torsion springs. There are still safety risks associated with the extension springs due to the intense strain and tension they hold. It is easy to know what type of spring system is installed on your garage door. You just need to inspect the garage door thoroughly.

I absolutely suggest using a professional garage door repair service to handle the project of garage door spring replacement. There is a lot of safety risk associated with the garage door springs and unless you really know what is going on and what you are doing. You should use the services of a certified, experienced, and trained garage door expert.

By understanding the mechanism of garage door springs you have installed on your garage door, you should be able to take a wise decision on exactly what type of work needs to happen to ultimately save cash and time.



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Things To Check Before Calling Garage Door Repair Technician

You have probably experienced some problems with your garage door, when you arrive home late at night, tired to hit the button of the remote. You may press the button of the remote as you drive your car into the drive path.

The garage door will open automatically for you to park your car inside. After that, you press the button of the remote again to close the garage door but nothing happens. You would be shocked that the garage door is not responding. It does not move too close. You might replace the batteries of the remote and try again but still, nothing happens. You go to bed frustrated and worried about the opened garage door all night. Since, a garage door is a combination of complex components such as pulleys, springs, cables, and an opener. Garage doors are weight components and you don’t want to mess with them. Following are the scenarios you need to check before calling a professional garage door technician. You can fix minor garage door problems on your own but anything more complicated should be left to the professional garage door experts including best garage door repair in Tyrone, Georgia to restore its performance.

Common things to be checked before calling a technician:

Garage door won’t open or close:

There are several causes behind it. One of them is dead batteries. The batteries of your remote may not have enough power. First of all, replace the batteries and try again. It also needs to check that you have put them in the right order. Normally it will solve the issue. Another problem might be the misaligned electronic eyes of sensors. There are two electronic photo eyes of sensors pointed at each place which is placed at the bottom of a garage door. These beams create an invisible light between them. In case, they are not aligned with each other, it will affect the opening and closing of the garage door. To correct the balance, simply move the sensors up or down, and then try to close the garage door again. You need some patience to get results.

A garage door opens but won’t close completely:

The common reason behind it may be obstruction under the garage door. If something is blocking the path of the garage door, it will open but won’t close. Modern garage doors are equipped with safety features to stops the garage door from closing. This safety feature is designed to prevent a person or object from being crushed under the closing garage door.  Make sure you have not left a bag, a screwdriver, a shovel, or something else under the garage door. There are no dry leaves or anything else on the way to a garage door. Remove it properly and try to close the garage door once again.

Broken cables, springs, or pulleys:

If you have inspected all the above-mentioned components but still have an issue with a non-working garage door, you may have broken garage door springs, cables, or pulleys. Don’t try to force the malfunctioning garage door to close. It will only make the situation worse and cost you more. These types of garage door problems are beyond DIY fixes, call professional garage door technicians. They will be able to easily diagnose the problems and fix them. Most garage door companies offer free estimation, quotations, and even free discount coupons. You can ask them before finalizing a contract with a technician to save some money.



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Hiring A Professional Garage Door Repair Service

Automatic overhead garage doors are created to make your life convenient. It will help you to avoid the trouble of getting out of your car to manually unlock and open the garage door.

Now you can push a single button to activate the motor that pulls the garage door up for you. Since a garage door is a mechanical system, malfunctioning does occur. Knowing what to do with a faulty garage door will ensure that the issue is fixed quickly so you can continue to enjoy the comfort and convenience given by it. In this article, I will describe common problems of garage doors reported by homeowners. I will also tell you how to determine when it is time to call a skilled and qualified garage door expert. Click here to get more information about garage door services.

Broken garage door springs: The garage door system is installed with high-tension torsion springs which support the motor contained inside the operator to lift the garage door upward. Even heavy-duty springs do not last forever. Continuous operations can weaken their strength to the stage that they break. They have expected life up to 7 to 9 years depending on the frequency of usage. If torsion springs got damaged, it is strongly advised that don’t do anything with them. Doing so can be risky.

Damaged garage door panels: The garage door is constructed with multiple panels. They will get extensive wear and tear over time. Due to extreme weather conditions and negligence of care the car start to warp and develop cracks. In this situation, replacing the damaged panel is the best option. It is also essential to understand that the panels provide extraordinary support to the frame of the garage door. If one of the panels gets damaged, it can adversely affect the balance of the garage door.

Malfunctioning garage door opener: Garage door problems are very common. If clicking the remote fails to activate the motor, then try clicking the wall-mounted keypad. If the wall-mounted unit works, try replacing the batteries of the remote. If this trick fails to resolve the issue, make that remote is sending accurate frequency according to the receiver’s system. If you are not sure how to check the frequency, it is important calling a professional garage door repair technician near you.

Replace the frayed or broken cables: If you inspect the garage door closely, you will find a series of cables and pulleys. Garage doors cannot be opened automatically without the support of these cables. These are strong pieces but they can break easily. They can also slip off the pulley due to twisting and tension. If garage door cables get damaged or slipped from their pulleys, you will have to reposition them. It can be a dangerous task, better served by a professional garage door expert.

Bent garage door tracks: Metal tracks are installed on the left and right sides of the frame on which the garage door runs. These tracks should be cleaned and aligned properly. Sometimes, garage door tracks become twisted, bent, or fall out of alignment. Luckily, there is some redundancy created in the design of the garage door. If one side of the garage door slips off the tracks, it remained connected to the other tracks. But it does not mean that the issue cannot be treated.

Need to hire a professional garage door technician:

Hiring a trained and certified garage door expert is a good idea. They know how to resolve complex problems safely and quickly. The sooner you hire them to handle your garage door, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the convenience of an automatic garage door opener system once again.



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Tips for Garage Door Repair

The garage door should be maintained and repair periodically. It will help the garage door to work efficiently and properly. In simple words, you should immediately address the garage door problems as they happen with them. If they leave untreated, these small issues may become serious ones that need costly bills to be fixed. There are few tests that you have to conduct to evaluate if your garage door is working properly as it should and there are no loose or malfunctioning parts on the garage door. Click here to learn more tips on how to repair and maintain a garage door.

Garage door panels: First of all, you need to check the garage door panels. All loose moving components, panels, and mounting brackets should be tightened to hold in place. Continuous movements of the garage door result in vibration forces. These forces can result in loosen garage door moving parts and mounting brackets after a certain period of time. You just need a socket or wrench to fix the loose garage door components. In case, the problem is related to the garage door opener, you should disconnect the power supply first by pulling the emergency release handle. This trick will help you to close the garage door panels manually. In this way, you should also tighten the hinges attach to the panels. Any missing bolts and nuts should be replaced immediately to avoid disruptions in the garage door operations.

Garage door rollers and pulleys: Don’t forget to check the rollers of a garage door. In case, you can spin the stems using your fingers without facing strong resistance in the task, there is a great chance that your garage door is working properly. On the opposite side, frozen garage door rollers can create gliding forces and frictions in the operations of a garage door.

To address this problem, you can add a few drops of oil to rollers. Steel rollers need lubrication after a specific period of time. You should keep the beaning and rollers lubricated. In case, rollers are rusted or damaged baldy, you should immediately replace them with new ones. You should also inspect the pulleys and springs of a garage door.

Garage door tracks: As it concerns garage door tracks repair and maintenance. You should inspect the tracks to find out any physical bent or bump on them. Most of the bends will appear along the curve on the tracks. You should straighten them using a piece of wood and a rubber hammer. Afterward, you should check out the mounting brackets that hold the tracks to the walls. If the screws and bolts turned loose, they should be tightened accordingly. Now close the garage door to test it.



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Garage Door Installation: Manual and Automatic

You may be used to handle equipment around your house but when it concerns the garage door, whether they are manual or automatic is a difficult task to do. Installing a garage door could be a risky task as well, so it is strongly recommended to hire a professional to handle this. Actually, manual garage door installation is simpler as compared to automatic garage doors. If you want to install a heavy garage door, this would need automated operations to provide it enormous strength to lift. Manually operated garage doors are quite lighter. Do you want to learn more about garage door installation then visit the link

A heavy garage door is installed with cables, springs, and motor which need automated operations. Definitely, you will have to choose a lighter garage door if you want to operate it manually. Automatic garage doors are hassle-free and convenient to use, which is why people prefer them. Well, these garage doors come with their own sets of benefits, drawbacks, and potential problems. They are challenging and hazardous to install, maintain, and repair on your own, they can easily be shifted from an automatically operated garage door to manually operated in the event of a power outage.


DIY garage door installation poses a lot of danger that an untrained and inexperienced will find it extremely hard to manage regardless of whether it is manually operated or automatic garage doors. The garage door installation project is perfect for those who have a complete understanding of the mechanism of the garage door, how the garage door functions, and a healthy respect for its operating system. In simple words, it is the right job for professional garage door experts. However, if you have decided to install it on your own, detailed knowledge should be learned, and the absolute maximum safety precautions should always be taken.

Safety measurements for garage door installation: 

Automatic garage doors are equipped with an opener, restraint cables, and powerful torsion springs. These springs weaken due to continuous operations and pressure imposed on them during opening and closing operations of the garage door. In case, torsion spring break can cause severe injuries to anyone and damages to anything around it. If you need to replace the torsion springs, don’t try to handle them on your own, please call your local garage door repair contractor to handle them.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission provided a report that there are almost 20,000 garage door-related injury cases are registered each year. Overall, it is not a Do-It-Yourself job, so don’t try to handle it on your own. If you don’t have experience in performing garage door installation projects, please hire a local garage door installer near you.




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Top Tips on Repairing a Garage Door

Do you think that a garage door is a simple machine? Yes, it has two main parts, the garage door itself and garage door opener. Performing garage door on your own to treat small problems is not hard, but sometimes you need professional assistance like, Fairfield, Ohio’s best garage door repair service to handle major problems.

Maintenance of garage door metal tracks:

First of all, you need to check if the metal tracks are aligned in place properly. The mounting brackets that hold the tracks in place should never be loose. If you found them then you should tighten them securely. Furthermore, you should examine the tracks thoroughly to find out malformation and dents on them. These dents can be flattened out with the help of a rubber mallet, a hammer, or a piece of wood.
Additionally, check the balance of tracks using a level. These tracks should be aligned properly. If they are not balanced completely, you may need to lose the screws and bolts and then slightly tap the tracks so that they will get balanced. You may use a mild household cleaner to wash the track. Make sure that there is no formation of dirt, debris, and grease which causing the garage door malfunctioning. These tracks need some sort of lubrication after being cleaned properly. You will have to use silicone spray to coat the inside portion of the tracks. It will help the rollers to run freely.

Check the loose moving hardware:

Check the garage door to find out any loose moving hardware and tighten them as required. Do not over-tighten them because it will create more problems and possibly damage the parts. If your garage door’s hardware is damaged badly, it needs replacement. You will have to replace hinges and springs that have been damaged completely. If your overhead garage door has a torsion spring, consult a professional contractor instead of fixing it on your own. It is due to the fact that the pressure may be so high that could give you injuries in the process.

Doesn’t neglect the aesthetics curb appealing?

The condition of your garage door is normally the first part that a person sees when visiting your home. Thus, maintaining and repairing a malfunctioning garage door can be aesthetically as well as practically important. If you have a wooden garage door, a proper sealing regimen will help you to prevent environmental warping and damages. In the case of a metal garage door, painting it occasionally will help you to prevent it from rust and corrosion. Broken garage door parts may cause great troubles so they should be replaced.
It is a time to call professional garage door experts if your garage door is not working properly. If you have done the above-mentioned tips and experienced that you still have problems, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. It could save you troubles, injuries, and damages.

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Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Tips

Sometimes garage door will become malfunction or breakdown which will need to be replaced as a whole. It is quite a costly project.

Sometimes garage door malfunctioning can be caused by minor problems which can be fixed easily on your own. You just need to check your garage door thoroughly to make sure what is going wrong. In case, you are unable to find out any malfunctioning part then it is recommended to consult professional garage door services like Nando’s Garage Door Repair to help you in bringing back your garage door. There are few common points which should be checked first:

  • Check if the garage door is running properly on its metal tracks
  • There are no bumps or dents in the tracks
  • The mounting brackets that hold the tracks to the wall and ceiling should not be loose
  • The rollers are in a good working position, they are not rusted or broken
  • Garage door springs are not damaged at all
  • The cables which are used to lift the garage door should not be frayed or cracked
  • Garage door hinges are in good working order

If your garage door has any of the problems mentioned above, it should be fixed as fast as humanly possible. If you have enough mechanical skills and tools that would be important in handling these problems, you would be able to handle them with bug caution. Since the garage door is always under a high amount of pressure which makes it quite dangerous to handle. If there is a second guess on not sure of what to do and what you are doing, it would be wise to call a professional garage door technician who will fix your malfunctioning garage door and make sure that the garage door will work safely and properly.
It is always good to go with the professional garage door services because some problems with the garage door can add excess pressure on rollers, panels, and springs which would contain the end results of damages and warping. It is common problem with old and wooden garage doors because they need special maintenance and attention to be followed in order to keep them in a good working position. All this could be done by just replacing or tightening the hinges and brackets which hold the panels in place. Although in the case of a wood garage door, it is not enough.

If your garage door starts to show some signs of rotting or is already rotted, or even has slightly visible cracks, it would be wise to replace the affected section or panel immediately. In the worst situation, you will have to replace the whole garage door. It is the best possible solution to keep your garage door safe for your family. Even if your garage door is functioning properly, you still have to do some maintenance tasks a few times each year. These maintenance tasks include cleaning the garage door tracks to remove dust and accumulated grease, cleaning and lubricating all the moving parts such as, drums, springs, hinges, cables, rollers, tracks, side ball bearings, and garage door opener which will allow your garage door to run freely.

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Garage Doors Repair and Maintenance Measurements save Ton of Money

Many homeowners react to the situation rather than proactively maintain it to reduce the chances of happening it in the first place. The reason why is probably because of the common perception that everything we need is almost always workable. So you may think that why to fix the things if they are not damaged. Well, this article will attempt to show you why garage door maintenance is important than repairs for the average homeowner. Visit here to get more information about garage door services.

Let’s start it from the simplest level. The weatherstripping or seal is so often overlooked part of a garage door. Most people do not bother to get it fixed even if there is visible damage. Most homeowners assumed that as long as the garage door goes up and down, the garage door is in its good working state. Why waste time and money to repair the seemingly minor defects of the garage door. Well, the fact is that the garage door goes up and down properly is just looking great but there is some other consideration to take into account to avoid unnecessary hassles. You might not believe that by fixing the seemingly insignificant things, you could save a lot of expenditures. Minor problems can really add up to major costs in a long run. Have a look at how some of these minor issues will result in major disasters if you left them untreated.

  • Have you noticed that your energy bills are increasing rapidly? Energy conservation and high energy bills are the common problems in the USA and definitely, we all consume smaller energy units, am I right? Heating and cooling could be lost due to poor insulation or a broken sealing system which can easily be remedied by fixing the gaps in weather stripping. A garage door is one of the biggest elements contributing to heat loss. By fixing it you can save a lot of money.

  • Have you noticed some uninvited guests in your garage?  It means some termites, ants, spiders, and roaches. How do you think these small creatures get into the garage? They got access through the tiny entry points and cracks. A well-maintained sealing system will keep them away. Otherwise, bug infestation leads to home fumigation, harmful chemicals, and pest control cost.
  • Does your garage door have proper sealing at the bottom? If the seal at the bottom of the garage door is worn out, you might start experiencing that some mold formation inside the garage. Although, it is a minor issue but needs to be fixed quickly. Who would have thought that a little moisture and rainwater could be so destructive to the performance of the garage door?

  • The garage door will get longer life: Yes, it is true if you give it the proper care and cushioned it from all the sides. Constant operations will result in tons of wear and tear to the garage door. It will reduce the functionality of the garage door and reduce the life cycle. Frequent usage and constant vibration can also affect the hardware and operating system of the garage door.

Now you have learned how important it can be to simply take safety preventative measurements which can greatly increase the savings that you can enjoy if you tend to the “minor defects” that creep up before turning into major disasters. My findings can be summed up by the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth than a big mountain of troubles”.



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