Garage door repair can be a challenging and difficult project without a proper understanding of the important components of the garage door especially the “torsion springs”.

These springs are vital and important parts of the garage door operating system as they support the garage doors in the lifting and lowering process by balancing the stress on the garage door opener and motor. Due to the extreme stress on garage door springs, they will break eventually which should be replaced. Keep in mind that it is an extremely dangerous project, so it is wise to hire a professional garage door company such as, Greensboro, North Carolina garage door spring repair service to do this job for you.

On average, the garage door system is used two times a day. It will be more than 700 times a year that a garage door is opened and closed. Due to frequent operations of garage door, the springs may become weak which eventually break, it is extremely important to inspect the visual condition of garage door springs periodically. These springs hold extreme pressure and intense strain at all times which is very unsafe if they break and are not handled properly.

There are two common types of garage door springs. They are known as extension and torsion springs. Both types are effective and functional which need to be properly understood before doing anything with them. Each type of garage door spring works in a unique way which needs other parts of the operating system to make sure that the garage door will function efficiently and safely.

Torsion springs are normally located on a metal rod right above the garage door opening. There are normally two springs that are separated by the centerpiece of the supporting spring to support the lifting process of a garage door. Garage door torsion springs are used to lift or lower the garage door either manually or automatically operated. These springs have a specific life cycle that is 7 to 10 years depending on how they are used and maintained. Remember, if one of them breaks, you should replace both of them at the same time because the other one will go bad after a short period of time.

Extension springs are placed on the right and left sides of each track of the garage door. Garage door extension springs are easier and safer to replace than torsion springs. There are still safety risks associated with the extension springs due to the intense strain and tension they hold. It is easy to know what type of spring system is installed on your garage door. You just need to inspect the garage door thoroughly.

I absolutely suggest using a professional garage door repair service to handle the project of garage door spring replacement. There is a lot of safety risk associated with the garage door springs and unless you really know what is going on and what you are doing. You should use the services of a certified, experienced, and trained garage door expert.

By understanding the mechanism of garage door springs you have installed on your garage door, you should be able to take a wise decision on exactly what type of work needs to happen to ultimately save cash and time.