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FAQs | A Guide To Italian Food - Modo Mio Italian restaurant and part Italian food shop

What are the hours and day of operation for Modo Mio?
Modo Mio has only 1 location and we are focusing on it. We make sure that everyone can experience our service and food. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our store is also open from early 6:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening seven days a week. We are the only establishment who do this in Milwaukee as our customers from inside and outside the city demand for it.
Is Modo Mio has a branch in nearby Milwaukee?
Unfortunately, we do not have any branches yet but we are in the middle of the process and conversation about this idea and we hope that we could make this happen soon. For now, we are focusing on our one and only branch and hoping for the next Modo Mio Italian Restaurant soon.
Is Modo Mio closed on Holidays?
No. Most of our customers are celebrating their holidays in our restaurant. Some need our products for their celebrations. We are glad that even during the holidays our hardworking staff is still readily available to serve you. This is what we are proud of. They are passionate and dedicated to their work.
Are the products in your stores are available online?
Yes. If you are living outside in Milwaukee or far from our area, it is the best option to order our products. It is very convenient and very simple to order. Simply browse, place an order, add to your cart and check out if you think you are done in shopping