In this article, I outlined garage door installation instruction. You should also consult your installation manual for a complete set of instructions which is designed by the manufacturer according to the specification of the garage door. There are plenty of garage door companies including San Francisco garage door installation which offer great installation services. Well, installing a garage door is not as difficult as it assumes. You will have to follow some logical steps in sequence. The first important order is the right measurement of the garage’s opening.

You will need to get the right measurements before doing anything. It will help you to determine the accurate size of the garage door. First of all, measure the height and width of the garage’s opening. It will help you to start a journey for the right size of the garage door. Next important step is calculating the space of the “side room”. It is a space from the side of the garage door to the wall of the garage on the same side. After all, your vertical track which is used for torsion or extension springs will need this space in which you have at least 3- 3/4 from each side. Furthermore, the extension spring may need 5- ½ space.

The next important measurement will be the calculation of the “headroom” space. It is an area starting at the top of the garage door to the ceiling of the garage. For example, you need 10 feet for mounting extension springs and 12 feet for torsion springs. In case, you have limited headroom over there, there is special hardware that is designed just for that occasion. Moreover, you will need more space if you want to install a garage door opener.

Now it is time to calculate the area for the “backroom”. It is a space that will exist between the garage doors opening to the back of the garage wall. It should be considered whatever the height of your garage door is and add eighteen inches more. And obviously, as mentioned above, if you have planned to put in the electric opener, then you need more room.

Having a written measurement in your hand, you can now get the garage door opening ready for work. On the inside of the garage’s opening, you will have a frame of 2×6 wood jambs. It should match the height of the headroom. It should be leveled and plumed. Now come to the sections. You will have to prepare the bottom section first. Collect your hardware and set it into groups on the floor. Don’t forget to attach the weather sealing to the bottom panel. You should follow the manual to do so because not all garage doors are exactly alike. It is a place where the lifting cables and hinges are attached.

The bottom line, it is just an outlined garage door installation instructions. Step by step instructions varies for a specific brand. Each model of garage door comes with its own set of manuals. But this article will help you with what you may need if you are thinking about installing a garage door on your own.