Automatic overhead garage doors are created to make your life convenient. It will help you to avoid the trouble of getting out of your car to manually unlock and open the garage door.

Now you can push a single button to activate the motor that pulls the garage door up for you. Since a garage door is a mechanical system, malfunctioning does occur. Knowing what to do with a faulty garage door will ensure that the issue is fixed quickly so you can continue to enjoy the comfort and convenience given by it. In this article, I will describe common problems of garage doors reported by homeowners. I will also tell you how to determine when it is time to call a skilled and qualified garage door expert. Click here to get more information about garage door services.

Broken garage door springs: The garage door system is installed with high-tension torsion springs which support the motor contained inside the operator to lift the garage door upward. Even heavy-duty springs do not last forever. Continuous operations can weaken their strength to the stage that they break. They have expected life up to 7 to 9 years depending on the frequency of usage. If torsion springs got damaged, it is strongly advised that don’t do anything with them. Doing so can be risky.

Damaged garage door panels: The garage door is constructed with multiple panels. They will get extensive wear and tear over time. Due to extreme weather conditions and negligence of care the car start to warp and develop cracks. In this situation, replacing the damaged panel is the best option. It is also essential to understand that the panels provide extraordinary support to the frame of the garage door. If one of the panels gets damaged, it can adversely affect the balance of the garage door.

Malfunctioning garage door opener: Garage door problems are very common. If clicking the remote fails to activate the motor, then try clicking the wall-mounted keypad. If the wall-mounted unit works, try replacing the batteries of the remote. If this trick fails to resolve the issue, make that remote is sending accurate frequency according to the receiver’s system. If you are not sure how to check the frequency, it is important calling a professional garage door repair technician near you.

Replace the frayed or broken cables: If you inspect the garage door closely, you will find a series of cables and pulleys. Garage doors cannot be opened automatically without the support of these cables. These are strong pieces but they can break easily. They can also slip off the pulley due to twisting and tension. If garage door cables get damaged or slipped from their pulleys, you will have to reposition them. It can be a dangerous task, better served by a professional garage door expert.

Bent garage door tracks: Metal tracks are installed on the left and right sides of the frame on which the garage door runs. These tracks should be cleaned and aligned properly. Sometimes, garage door tracks become twisted, bent, or fall out of alignment. Luckily, there is some redundancy created in the design of the garage door. If one side of the garage door slips off the tracks, it remained connected to the other tracks. But it does not mean that the issue cannot be treated.

Need to hire a professional garage door technician:

Hiring a trained and certified garage door expert is a good idea. They know how to resolve complex problems safely and quickly. The sooner you hire them to handle your garage door, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the convenience of an automatic garage door opener system once again.