Do you want to know why people love Modo Mio Restaurant? If so, then keep on reading. The comments and testimonials that you will read below are all updated and true. We do not have the ability to pay our customers just to replace or void their original comments and testimonials on us. These comments serve as our credentials for being an excellent Italian restaurant inside and outside the Milwaukee City.

Testimonials | A Guide To Italian Food - Modo Mio Italian restaurant and part Italian food shop


What can I say? My husband and I just really enjoy this restaurant a lot. We love Italian food, and we keep on searching for the best one. Finally, we found Modo Mio in the area of Milwaukee and we’re from outside of the city. The food is excellent and the fact that their ingredients are made from scratch, you know that it is healthy and fresh. Service is world-class. I can’t tell much as this restaurant move me from being hospitable. They took care of us very well since from the moment we stepped in the door. I suggest making a reservation if you want to experience Modo Mio as it was full when we came into the fact that it is not weekend at all. It’s always a good decision to make a reservation first if you do not want to end up in waiting.


We booked for an anniversary party with a group of 20 people and they set us up a private room which is in favor to us. We want our night to be special together with our friends and thanks to the staff especially to the owners of Modo Mio for taking care not only of me and my wife but also the rest of the guest. They are very friendly, attentive and have knowledge of Italian cuisine and service. I can say that the staff is trained well. The food is excellent as well. Highly recommended.