You have probably experienced some problems with your garage door, when you arrive home late at night, tired to hit the button of the remote. You may press the button of the remote as you drive your car into the drive path.

The garage door will open automatically for you to park your car inside. After that, you press the button of the remote again to close the garage door but nothing happens. You would be shocked that the garage door is not responding. It does not move too close. You might replace the batteries of the remote and try again but still, nothing happens. You go to bed frustrated and worried about the opened garage door all night. Since, a garage door is a combination of complex components such as pulleys, springs, cables, and an opener. Garage doors are weight components and you don’t want to mess with them. Following are the scenarios you need to check before calling a professional garage door technician. You can fix minor garage door problems on your own but anything more complicated should be left to the professional garage door experts including best garage door repair in Tyrone, Georgia to restore its performance.

Common things to be checked before calling a technician:

Garage door won’t open or close:

There are several causes behind it. One of them is dead batteries. The batteries of your remote may not have enough power. First of all, replace the batteries and try again. It also needs to check that you have put them in the right order. Normally it will solve the issue. Another problem might be the misaligned electronic eyes of sensors. There are two electronic photo eyes of sensors pointed at each place which is placed at the bottom of a garage door. These beams create an invisible light between them. In case, they are not aligned with each other, it will affect the opening and closing of the garage door. To correct the balance, simply move the sensors up or down, and then try to close the garage door again. You need some patience to get results.

A garage door opens but won’t close completely:

The common reason behind it may be obstruction under the garage door. If something is blocking the path of the garage door, it will open but won’t close. Modern garage doors are equipped with safety features to stops the garage door from closing. This safety feature is designed to prevent a person or object from being crushed under the closing garage door.  Make sure you have not left a bag, a screwdriver, a shovel, or something else under the garage door. There are no dry leaves or anything else on the way to a garage door. Remove it properly and try to close the garage door once again.

Broken cables, springs, or pulleys:

If you have inspected all the above-mentioned components but still have an issue with a non-working garage door, you may have broken garage door springs, cables, or pulleys. Don’t try to force the malfunctioning garage door to close. It will only make the situation worse and cost you more. These types of garage door problems are beyond DIY fixes, call professional garage door technicians. They will be able to easily diagnose the problems and fix them. Most garage door companies offer free estimation, quotations, and even free discount coupons. You can ask them before finalizing a contract with a technician to save some money.